'Maji Mkononi'- helping communities access water anytime anywhere.
'Maji Mkononi' swahili for 'Water in your Hand' is our innovative approach to help
communities find water points using a USSD-SMS Platform. Using any basic mobile handset, communities members are able to send a query via a USSD number and get information on the nearest water points in their location and more importantly confirm real-time water availability at the water points. By providing this information to communities, they are able to have more options to access safe water, reduce the distance and time spent searching for water and have accurate information on water availability at the water points.


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Water Service Providers.
Access to water is only made possible through the combined efforts of Water Service Providers who include Public Utilities, N.G.O. water projects and Private Water Providers. Our Online Water Monitoring and Management Platform improves the efficiency in water distribution through real-time alarms when water levels are low, identifying leaks or
blockage in distribution therefore increasing the consistency in water availability.

Mobi-Water:- Afffordable, Safe Water Delivery
This solution is a tailored towards residential owners, Businesses and industries.
Consistent water supply is now a luxury in many urban towns given the frequent
water rationing and rampant water shortages. With our system installed in your water tank, you will be able to monitor your tank water level anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone and recieve alerts when water levels go below your desired threshold. What's more? easily use our pre-order bulk water purchase and have your water delivered to you before you completely run out of water.