Water Storage Sensors

Smart Tank Level Sensor

The Mobi-Level Sensor is a Robust, Low-Power, Easy-to-Install Tank/Reservoir Level Sensor which allows you to monitor Water Levels in any Tank/Reservoir in any Location. 

With an Easy 30 minute installation, you will be able to monitor your Tank Water Levels on the Mobi-Water App, Dashboard or by SMS Notifications

Ksh 24,500

Ksh 14,700.00


  • Can be used on All Plastic, Concrete and Steel Water Tanks.
  • Available in Solar-Powered / Grid-Powered Options.
  • Uses Ultrasonic Sensor Technology with 99% Measurement Accuracy.
  • 5/10 Minute Consistent Uploading Frequency. 


  • Commercial Properties; Office Blocks, Malls.
  • Hotels and Restaurants.
  • Factories / Industries Reservoir Monitoring.
  • Water Utility Distribution Reservor Tanks.
  • Water Projects / Kiosk Tank Water Monitoring.

Mobi-Level Software Benefits


  • Real-time Tank Level Information on your Phone or Computer Dashboard.
  • Get Notifications when Water exceeds your High or Low Thresholds through SMS / App Notification.
  • Predictive Algorithms to help you Track Water Level Drop, Volume and map Tank/Reservoir Locations.
  • Identify Leakages in your Tanks or Seepage for Underground Reservoirs. 
  • Track Multiple Tank Water Levels Simultaneously on one Platform.
  • Get Weekly Water Level Graph Reports to Anlayze your Water Usage.

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