Smart Water Meters

Mobi-Flow Smart Water Meters

The Mobi-Flow Smart Meters are a Revolutionary real-time Flow and Consumption monitoring  Solution which allows users to remotely monitor their water consumption.

Through the Mobi-Flow Software, Users get accurate water consumption information to make smart data-driven decisions to improve their water usage and reduce on water expenses.

From Ksh 27,500.00


  • Available in Different Meter Sizes and Manufacturer Preference.
  • Available in Solar-Powered / Grid-Powered Options.
  • Available in GPRS, LoRa and Sigfox Options. 
  • 5/10 Minutes uploading Frequenccy. 


  • Factories / Industries Bulk Water Monitoring.
  • Commercial Properties; Office Blocks, Malls, Hotels and Restaurants.
  • Water Utility Distribution Line, Check Meters.
  • Water Projects Monitoring and Evaluation.

Mobi-Flow Software Benefits


  • Remote, Real-time Water Consumption data on your Phone or Computer Dashboard.
  • Set Consumption Thresholds and get Notified when the Threshold is Exceeded to avoid Water Wastage.
  • Predictive Algorithms to help you predict and Analyze Past Water Consumption data and Plan for Future Water Consumption Demands
  • Identify and Track Water Flow Leakages along your Pipe Network and Reduce Non-Revenue Water Losses. 
  • Interactive Water Balance Module to help users analyze Real-time Water Balance in their Inflow Meters and Consumption Meters
  • Automated Weekly Water Consumption Reports with Daily Water Consumption Trends.